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Daniel's Revolution.
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 19 October 2005 21:32
I have spent a good deal of time over a good many years on this. I have been searching for a single idea that everyone can understand and as they understand it bring about it's implementation in public life.

I felt that what was needed was a single idea that would change everything, yet everyone might support.

An idea that would work and could be implemented, in any local where people vote and can vote for change.

Are you on the Christian Right tried of electing officials that don't do what they promised you? This one's for you!

Sick to death of watching the environment being turned into a CEO's ash tray? Sign on now!

"Don't want to just trow more money at the problem(s)"

Cut YOUR Tax bill with this one! Save Trillions of Dollars over the next XXX years!

If we wish to make broad changes we must alter foundation. To alter foundation we must control government.
To control government we must have control of our elected officials. To control elected officials we merely need to control their source of wealth...for as long as they live.

Simply put, any who run for elected office and wishes to receive the vote of the undersigned must agree to introduce legislature which would have the following attributes as it's central focus:

In accepting public SERVICE one implicitly agrees to guard and protect the public trust.
Such protectors cannot be or be seen to be on the auction block for special interests which grow overwhelming in their power to steal governments from their people.

In order to protect our elected officials from the pressures now constantly exerted by private interests upon them to betray the public trust and good. We hence forth will require a new financial arrangement.

To assure that it is OUR interests rather than those of special interests that are served we require by law, that elected officials never have any source of income that does not originate directly from their remittance for their service. This closes all forms of investment and investment markets to them...for life.

Once elected they will have an income for life. Upon leaving office it is hoped that that they will use this freedom in further voluntary service to our communities. Or in any pursuit that THEY feel strengthens our people.

We will require extraordinary rights of inspection into their normally private financial affairs. Penalties will be in accordance with those for acts of treason for those who violate their oath.

There will be a federal bounty payment to any who can prove they or another successfully bribed an elected official. Given with thanks from a grateful people for revealing this defect.

There will be no penalty for bribing officials.

To gain strength one must constantly exercise. We want strong officials, honest officials who are an example to our people. We want to know when we don't have them.

Best way to find out if an official is taking money is to throw money at him. Besides if everyone is trying to bribe you "For profit" it makes for a nevouse transaction...":O}

But unable to publicly spend more than a rep makes, the incentive toward corruption is greatly lessened.

Having an Income that allows him to move effectively within the upper MIDDLE class will assure a base from which an official can make his influence felt in the community long after his federal service ends.

We must cultivate elder statesmen! Men whose integrity has been proven in service. To pay an official more than a successful proffessional in Medicine or a good Small business men makes is to create a new aligence within him, one to wealth, rather than to the needs of the many.

Naturally this will immediately change all Election finance laws. But if you can accomplish this proposal, and there is nothing to stop you, that will be but a punctuation mark at the end of a sentence that reads "Power to the people!"

Try it, you'll like it! ":O}
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