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Perspective: Why we don't care about Josh Wolf
Written by Gizmo   
Saturday, 24 February 2007 09:09

By Charles Cooper

I'm so glad the media scrum surrounding Anna Nicole Smith is dying down. There are so many more urgent stories begging attention these days. Such as Britney Spears' latest whereabouts.

Meanwhile, a San Francisco video blogger named Josh Wolf remains in the Federal Detention Center in Dublin, Calif., where he continues to set new records as this country's longest-serving journalist behind bars.

Read the full story at CNET:

Wolf's family and friends understandably can think of little else. He's become the poster child for a variety of free speech advocates who say his imprisonment vividly symbolizes the loss of press freedoms in post-September 11 America. You might assume more people would be listening, but Wolf's plight has failed to capture the public's imagination.

On a whim, I tried an Internet search. Google came up with 1.84 million mentions of Wolf's name on the Internet. Not bad, but far behind Britney, finishing second with 38.1 million. Anna Nicole naturally remained the people's favorite with a whopping 54 million hits.

I obviously stacked the deck here. When it comes to what folks find more compelling, large breasts always trump freedom of speech. What could be more American?

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