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Google's diversity causing it antitrust trouble
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Written by Daniel   
Monday, 11 May 2009 11:04

Google's goal is to index all the world's information, and it has created a broad array of products to draw that information in. Its huge success with search, however, is causing a legal authorities to consider whether its dominance has given it too much market power.

By John Timmer | Last updated May 11, 2009 8:11 AM CT

Google's stated goal is to have an index of all the world's information. It started with the Web, where the information it obtained allowed it to build a hugely successful search service. From there, the company branched out, both by internal development and acquisition; books got scanned, e-mail and documents hosted, and a variety of products, such as the Android operating system, appear to have been developed simply as a way of encouraging users to rely on other Google services. Now, even as the company is killing some of these non-core products due to the tough economic times, its diversity is causing it more trouble than it may be worth, as antitrust worries appear to be accompanying the company's every move.  [ARS Tecknica...]   [Comments...]
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